About me

profile photoPavlos Zikos is an 33 years old freelance photographer based in Greece.
He has been a photographer for 5 years, involving regularly in travel, landscape and lately street photography.
His main tools are, except imagination and creativity, a Nikon D300S camera with its lenses, flash units, tripod, a camera remote control, ND and Polarizing filters and last but not least, a photo editing program (Adobe Photoshop).
His favorite motto is “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time…”

83 thoughts on “About me

  1. Ha! Love your motto. Thank you for stopping by Still Times and liking my post. Your like has led me to your blog which I will now follow. Looking forward to catching glimpses of time frozen by your images. Hasta luego, Maria


  2. Thanks for your “Likes” on Webs And Threads. You seem seriously interested in exploring the possibilities in photography and I especially like your “minimalism” post. Nancy @WebsAndThreads.


  3. Thank you for stopping by Clicks & Corks and liking one of my images: much appreciated.
    Your photography is wonderful and very creative. I am happy to follow your blog and your next photographic endeavors!


  4. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


  5. Bonjour Pavlos

    You need to get yourself a ‘Like it all’ button – great pictures full of life, colour and occasional humour. You have a great eye and respect for your subjects.




    • merci beaucoup Dan…i’m really flattered from your compliments…i have to admit i really enjoyed your comment about “Like it all” button…it’s really great receiving such feedback from a person whose artistic work is in a high level…as yours.
      take care my friend and keep in touch…
      your feedback (positive or not) will be always welcome 🙂


    • Hi Konstanza! thank you for your feedback! I know about Chema Madoz and i tried to work on some of his concepts…he makes them look so easy and simple but it is extremely difficult to achieve his high photographic standards.
      If you ever decide to visit greek islands let me know…i will give you some good advice.
      Till then take good care and be in touch…!!!


      • Great Pavlos! My boyfriend is photographer too! And he is called Pablo :). He enjoys photographing naked women … is no fool jejejeje If one day you come to Madrid we´re here! I have seen THE BLUE UMBRELLA. Amazing job! A kiss and a hug!


  6. thank you for stopping by my blog, this way I discovered yours:)) some great photographs here!! where In Greece are you based?


    • hi Alexandra! was a pleasure discovering your blog! you have some splendid shots indeed…! i live in Patras…do you have any plans visiting Greece again?did you like Thessaloniki 😉


      • I loved Thessaloniki:))) when I left early in the morning Sofia on my way to Thessaloniki, it was foggy and cold here, when I reached Thessaloniki 5 hours later, I had to wear short sleeves:))) so sunny and warm.. quite a difference and only a few hours away… would definitely go back… :))) and I most definitely would love to visit other towns in Greece too… it’s a shame I’ve never been there:)) I’m not sure yet, but I may be going to the carnival in Xanthi on 2 March, for starters. Have you been to that carnival? and have you been to Bulgaria?


      • No i haven’t been to Bulgaria yet…and i also haven’t been to Xanthi’s carnival. The main reason is that my city hosts the most famous carnival in Greece 😉
        But i know that the last years Xanthi’s carnival has become very popular so i bet you will have great time there!
        About other places i would suggest that you should visit some greek islands during summer…believe me you won’t regret it 😉


    • couldn’t get a more flattering comment…THANK YOU so much for that!
      i visited your page and i was astonished by the quality of your work…splendid shots indeed! and i’m not trying to requite the compliment…it’s simply the truth!
      i hope we can stay in touch…!!!


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